How can I cancel my order?

If your order is not yet sent by cargo, you can cancel your order from ”Order tracking” section . If your order has been sent already to you, but you want to cancel it, you can send it back to us within 14 days after you have received the product. But in this case carriage cost will apply. 

How can I return a product that I have already purchased?

If you ever want to return the product you have purchased, you can return it within 14 days after you have received it

The package and if there is any, standard accessories of a product should be included without any damage in the package that you are returning and the product should be in a position to sell again in the market (without any damage, dirt or being fixed).

You must create a return form for your order that you wish to return by logging into your All Islamic Items account ( and clicking on the ‘I would like to review my order’ button on the order tracking. You can create a return request form by clicking HOW TO REFUND in the ORDER STATUS section.

You should write a petition including your name, surname, order code, your reason for returning the product, address information and your signature. After that, you should send the product and the petition back to this address.


The costs of return delivery must be paid by the customer. All Islamic Items is not responsible for creating a return shipment label or charging the costs back to customer.

After sending the product back, you have to keep the code that given by the cargo firm.

As soon as we get the product, return/exchange process is begun and within 5-7 business days, the whole process is completed. Product exchange process is only valid in Turkey.

If you live in Europe;

Overseas Return Address:
Name of Receiver : Blended Business B.v
Street name : De Limiet 15F
Post code /zıp code: 4131NR
Name of City: Vianen / NederlandUSA Return Address 80 SHERIDAN BLVD.Şehir : INWOODEyalet:NEW YORKPosta Kodu:11096 Morocco Return Address KJKpartners59 Rue Dir YassineEtage 1 Appt 3Res AL khansaCasablanca

How can I learn my IBAN ?

IBAN is 26 digits number starting with the 2 first letters of your country initial and it defines your bank account. You can learn your international banking account(IBAN) from your bank., ATMs or call center of your Bank.

The product I have purchased is defective. What should I do?

We are applying comprehensive quality control tests on our products. Since we don’t have the chance to control each product, you may face with a problem stemming from the supplier. In this case, you can send the product within the allowe

Within how many days should I return a product that I have purchased?

If you ever want to return the product you have purchased, you can return it within 14 days after you have received it.

I don’t have a bank account and I have used ‘paying at the door’ option. How can I get the refund?

You can apply to a bank to open a bank account. We can send the refund only to your bank account.

Which address should I return my product?

You can return your product to:

– “Hersek Mahallesi Ahmet Paşa Caddesi Konfeksiyoncular Sitesi No:14 Altınova/Yalova” if you live OUT OF EUROPE and send it easily with Aras Kargo or Surat Kargo Overseas Return Address:Name of Receiver : Blended Business B.vStreet name : De Limiet 15FPost code /zıp code: 4131NRName of City: Vianen / Nederland

When returning your package, please write “İade/Return” on your package to avoid any potential problem or tell this information to the cargo personnel in charge.

How can I get the refund?

You get the refund to the credit card or bank card with which you completed your payment. If you used the ‘cash on delivery’ option, you have to indicate your IBAN (26 digit number starting with TR) on the ‘Refund Form’. After your request is confirmed, you’ll get the refund within 3-5 days and also you’ll receive both an e-mail and an SMS about the process.

I can not see the money you have refunded to my credit card account. What should I do?

This situation is about your bank. Your bank may not show it in your account actions or your transaction history very soon. You may see them from these places in the next month. If it still is not visible than the owner of the card may call their bank and solve the problem with “chargeback”.